“NOTHING WE DO IS EASY.” At Transform Fitness we believe that fitness is a way of life and clients must be willing to undergo a true lifestyle change to not only get results, but to keep them. Transform Fitness offers a roadmap to guide individuals toward achieving their personal health and fitness goals. #BeStrongerThanYourExcuses

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seth-d“Where to start…Before I went in to see Dave and Desi I was already into fitness. The main reason I wanted to see a trainer was for overall body health and body mobility. Yes, I was going to the gym everyday but I could feel my body not working like it should and my muscles were always tight. I knew my body could give more! Before I started training I could not reach back and grab the bar to do squats, could not get close to front squats, along with some other mobility issues.

The facility – It was a little small compared the big named gyms I am use to but it is a personal training gym. The equipment was all new and working correctly. I noticed that they wipe down every mat and equipment after their client is done working on it. The gym is very clean, which I liked. They had a lot of WOD equipment which I have never used or seen before but was nice to get familiar with. I ended up purchasing some of my own equipment after the training because I liked it so much.

The training – The training is exactly what I asked for and expected. I mainly went to Desi for body mobility. She taught me many exercises that I could do on my own before my workouts to help my body function correctly. She taught me how to use the WOD equipment correctly and also did pressure release massages to help my muscles relax and activate. As I was getting trained I witnessed Dave’s enthusiasm towards his clients! He had personal workouts written down for each client on the board so they knew exactly what they were doing as soon as they walked in.

The meal plan – The plan is not a crazy cut carb plan where 4 weeks later you’ll be eating donuts and gaining the weight back. The plan is a very modest and doable meant for a change of lifestyle. It may take a bit longer to lose the initial weight but the plan is meant to stay healthy for the long run. The protein pancake recipe is very simple and good!

My results – After the 10 training sessions my body felt brand new! Demi had new muscles activating and firing leading to more intense workouts! I would wake up and have new muscles sore. I can now grab the bar and do squats with correct form. I got exactly what I wanted in a fun and outgoing environment!”
– Seth D.

miranda-l“Let me start by saying David is THE BEST!  He has helped me through 3 pregnancy weight losses!  This last pregnancy I lost 20lbs on my own but in January I signed back on with him because I knew I would get better results I wanted and needed.  I am so happy with the results!!  No, im ECSTATIC!!  Not only did he help me look better than I did BEFORE having 3 kids but I am in the best shape EVER!!  And I’m currenty still training with him and looking better by the minute!  He is so professional and actually KNOWS what he’s doing.  The gym is always clean and the setting is a very comfortable environment.  Its like being in the privacy of your own home.  Not intimidating like those big name gyms can be and the trainers that work there I might add!  The buddy program is awesome!  Training with other clients helps keep eachother motivated and are all so nice!  And it doesn’t hurt to have that extra support!  The nutrition plan is so easy to follow and the food he has you eating is so good!  I actually CRAVE my food!  My kids even love the food!  I make bigger batches for a healthy dinner for my family.  And if I ever have a question about my food or a workout I text him and he’s always there to answer!  You’d be insane if you train with anyone other than David!  My confidence level has sky rocketed and just all in all feel great all the time.  Healthy and stronger!   At the end of every session with him I walk out that door and get a huge smile on my face and say to myself “I did it!”.  And I can’t wait for the next!  Joing our team will be the best thing you ever did!  “Nothing we do is easy”
– Miranda L.

brock-p“I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. I would always tell myself that I could whip myself back into shape whenever I wanted to. Well, “whenever” wasn’t happening on it’s own! Without an appointment, someone telling me what to do and what to eat, I realized that I wouldn’t get into shape on my own. I finally reached out to David after getting clearance from my surgeon to resume activity after an ACL tear. I was apprehensive about how my knee would hold up during the training, but David started out slowly with me until we were able to up the loads and the intensity of the workouts. We also did a lot of stabilization and agility exercises to speed up my recovery. Within 6 months I was able to play basketball again without limitations!
David always says, “It’s all about the food!” Honestly, I thought the meal plans would be terrible, tasteless food that nobody would be able to stick to. I was wrong. After filling out my food questionnaire of my likes and dislikes, I received 2 different meal plans (one for half the week, one for the other half). He changed my food choices every 2-3 weeks. Once I prepared these meals, I was able to cut down on my preparation time and it was pretty easy to stick to. It also eliminated the quick stops at Carl’s Jr. or Aldalberto’s for lunches, and my excuses to go out to dinner all the time. I’ve gone from 210 lbs to 180lbs in just a few months! If you’re ready to work hard and make some positive changes for yourself, I would definitely recommend giving Transform Fitness Personal Training a call!”
-Brock P.

“Desi saved me. Seriously! I was desperate when I arrived at Transformation Fitness. I was carrying an extra 50lbs and a whole lot of shame as to how I allowed myself to get so out of shape. I told Desi all of my issues, bad knees, feeling tired all the time, eating poorly, basically ready to give up. She is so supportive and designed a workout plan for me and I have never looked back. She is fantastic because she truly cares and wants to help. She has helped me lose 32lbs and become mobile again. I feel amazing!

The atmosphere at Transformation Fitness is awesome. There is always laughter, great music and camaraderie from all. I look forward to my early morning workout sessions.

If you are willing to do the work Desi will absolutely help you reach your goals! Make the commitment, you won’t be sorry.”
– Elizabeth J.


35645_133825699979120_5757033_nTrainer Bio: David Young

I was lucky to find my passion for fitness very early in life.  I was always surrounded by fitness and sports due to my Mother and Father’s athletic backgrounds.  I was a very skinny child and a science project at the age of 11 further sparked my interest in weight lifting and changing my body.  The title of my project was “Does weight training improve your athletic ability?”  Weight training and eating better definitely made a serious impact in my performance in baseball, as well as increasing my confidence.  From that moment on, I immersed myself in fitness and sought any avenue possible to increase my knowledge and to transform my body.    At the age of 19 I decided that I could definitely help others to achieve a higher level of fitness and impact their lives in so many ways.

16 years later, I am thankful to say that I have changed the lives of countless hardworking individuals.  I still have an intense passion towards helping people to reach their full potential both mentally and physically.  I teach clients that we are trying to implement lifestyle changes, not momentary adjustments, in order to get to where they want to be.  At times the road to success can be very arduous, but our goal at Transform Fitness Personal Training is to make this process fun and to make it easier.  It’ s so rewarding to see people that you’ve guided become happier, healthier, and so much more confident in themselves.  Our motto is “NOTHING WE DO IS EASY!” However, many people have convinced themselves that getting back in shape is literally impossible.  I’ve heard and made every excuse in the book as to why we can’t reach our goals, such as the following:  “I’m too tired.”  “I don’t have enough time.”  “I don’t care right now.”  “I have so much to lose, etc…” We show our team that anything is possible with an individualized program, the right tools, and the right people in place to push you further.

Certifications: NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Complete Personal Training, CPR & AED Certified

Desis-Current-Website-Pic-1024x1024Trainer Bio: Desirée McGuire

I started as a trainer in my early 20’s.  It wasn’t something I had aspired to do but my life and God pushed me in this direction.  I was in the right place at the right time for life to tell me that this was something I was really good at.  I grew up as a competitive sport athlete so fitness was in my background.  It seemed like a fun way to get to talk to people all day while impacting their lives and get paid for it! What could be better?!  Well, unfortunately in 2008, I succumbed to a neck injury that I had been suffering from since I was 11 years old.  I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis and bone spurs.  I couldn’t work out like I was accustomed to and my life was constantly interrupted with vicious pain cycles that would knock me down. Getting out of bed was something I never looked forward to.  It hurt to breathe at times.  The doctors were quick to prescribe medication.  ALL kinds of medication.  I felt scattered or like a zombie…..never did I feel “good.”  It took a few years but I learned that I was only treating the symptoms of my underlying issues. I decided that modern medicine wasn’t the best approach to HEALING my body or the way to ensure that I would enjoy the rest of my existence with my husband and 2 children.  I couldn’t sleep well, I was tired, I was impatient, I was angry.  It was difficult to be a happy mom and wife.  I felt as if everyone was suffering because of the “ugly” person I was turning into.

Over these years, I have surrounded myself with Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists, that are all well educated and proficient in the human body and how it should move.  I ask questions, research, and consistently apply newly learned methods to my clients’  and my programming. There are many things that cannot be undone to my body, but I can be sure that it won’t get worse by keeping my focus on how to keep myself moving without pain.  My mission as a Personal Trainer is to help others that aren’t moving well because of being overweight, having a lack of muscle strength or because they are in too much pain.  Whether the goal be weight loss, muscle gain or overall pain management and healing, the road to our finish line can be overwhelming at times.  Having people to guide and educate me has helped me enjoy my life so much more.  I want to do the same for as many people as I can.  This is more than just getting to talk and build relationships now.  It is about improving peoples overall well being and improving their quality of life.  I want people to not just exist in life, I want them to start LIVING it!!  It feels SO good to feel GOOD!

Certifications:  NASM CES, NASM PES, PT Global, Yoga, CPR, AED