Trainer Bio: David Young

I have been physically active since I can remember and found that it was extremely helpful to learn more about nutrition and resistance training to improve my performance in any sport I was competing in. Being an extremely thin individual I also wanted to increase my muscle size throughout my body to feel more confident about myself inside and out.


Throughout the years of guesswork, studying, and finally reaching a high level of fitness, I felt that I would be good at motivating and inspiring others to achieve their personal fitness goals as well. I wanted others to avoid all the frustration and uncertainty of not knowing just how to go about changing their body or improving their health.


I provide motivated clients with the proper knowledge, tools, and the necessary accountability to achieve long term success.

Achieving one’s goals can be done most successfully through adhering
to the 5 Components of Fitness.

5 Components of Fitness:


Component 1) Proper Food Intake - Proper food intake encompasses 70-80% of individuals getting to their health and fitness goals. It is imperative that clients get the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats necessary to get results and to maintain them. This is by far the most challenging component for individuals to understand and to make the right changes on their own.


Component 2) Cardiorespiratory Exercise - Cardiorespiratory exercise is not only important for fat loss but also for maintaining a healthy heart. It is important to know what level of intensity to sustain, how long of a duration, and when to make changes to avoid a plateau. I supply clients with the proper knowledge to keep cardio fun, safe, and effective.


Component 3) Supplementation - Supplementation is a vital part in achieving one’s goal. It is crucial that we supply our body with the proper nutrients and anti-oxidants to function at an optimum level and to fight off potential illness. Whether the goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is virtually impossible in this day and age to get all of our necessary nutrients solely through food.


Component 4) Resistance Training - Resistance training is a vital part of getting in shape and staying there. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. We also continue to burn calories at an increased rate post workout and throughout the day. It is important to learn safe and effective exercises to get the most out of each workout, while minimizing the risk of injury. To get consistent results and to increase overall efficiency, workouts must be changed and exercise intensity should be altered periodically.


Component 5) Accountability/Professional Assistance - Once all the components are learned they will need to be adhered to. Many individuals need to be held accountable to do the work even once they have been shown exactly what they need to do and how they will need to do it. A true lifestyle change will be necessary to reach success. This does not happen quickly, but it should be a steady process. I demand more out of my clients, pushing them to levels that they never thought they could reach. Eventually they will expect more out of themselves and know that all goals are possible.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of
America Certified Personal Trainer



CPR and AED Certified

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified
Personal Trainer (NASM)


NASM –CPT Complete Personal Training

NASM –CES Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM –PES Performance Enhancement Specialist

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