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Benefits of a Small Group Fitness Training Program

It’s fun to go to the gym with a friend—or a group of friends. Large group physical training means you get to encourage each other when you’re feeling out of it, you get to play competitive when you’re feeling feisty, and you can talk about anything under the sun doing breaks. The downside? The instructor might be just another shadowy face on the far side of the room, and you don’t get much one on one help.

Then there’s also something to be said for one-on one training. A coach or instructor who is focused just on you, on improving your form and helping you succeed. There’s a downside here, too, though. You don’t get that fun competitive vibe, you don’t get to yammer away with your buddies while exercising, and you might get tired of having to listen to just that one voice throughout your whole session.

Want a set up that eliminates both of those downsides and provide all the perks? Try our small group training programs. At Transform Fitness, your certified fitness instructor—either David or Desi– works with a small group of 1-4 individuals. Everyone gets a customized program and might be doing different exercises at any given moment, but you’re all working together and you get that camaraderie that comes from going through the fire together. You get to be competitive, if that’s what floats your boat, be encouraging, if you’re the nice sort; either way, you’re sure to be in for fun.

Most of our Roseville clients find the small group training session ideal, for many reasons.

Small group fitness training mean you get:

  • A personalized, customizable fitness regime
  • A personal, friendly setting where you can feel comfortable pushing your limits
  • An instructor who keeps his eye on you doing your whole session and can help you achieve the best form
  • ‘Partners in crime’ who are there for the same reason you are and can support you throughout your athletic experience

It’s the best of both worlds—a situation where you get all the attention you need from an instructor while the same time enjoying the company of peers. Let’s look at each of these perks in more detail.

A Personalized, Customizable Fitness Regime in Roseville

Anyone who’s ever tried pulling on a t-shirt marked ‘one-size-fits-all’ realizes that that idea, no matter how nice it sounds, simply doesn’t work. We’ve all got our own quirks, and your body won’t fit in a one-size fitness regime.

That’s not to say that you can’t sign up for a fitness class where you and thirty others go through a pre-organized fitness routine. You can, and it’ll do you good; but it’s like wearing one of those t-shirts from the one size rack. Sure, it’ll cover you up, but it won’t do as good a job covering you up as a fitted t-shirt might. A non-customized fitness regime will benefit you, no question. If you really want to do your body the biggest favor possible, though, you’ll want to go with a regime that’s customized to make the most of your strengths and, bit by bit, eliminate your weaknesses.

At Transform Fitness, we take the time to understand your needs and goals prior to starting your program. We want to make sure the workouts we train you to do are meeting the personal goals you want for your mind, body, and soul. We’ll consult you on the specific regimens you need to do accomplish your goals, and be there with you each and every step of the way to get them done, all within a group setting, with like minded individuals, giving that undivided attention you need to make you that person you want to become.

A Personal Friendly Atmosphere Where You Can Push Your Limits

You are the company you keep, and the atmosphere you do your workouts in makes a bigger difference than you’d think. When you work alone it’s easy to get discouraged, get side tracked, or find yourself plodding on ‘just to finish this session’. But when you’re with a group of committed, like minded people all eager for the same goals, the atmosphere can be electric.

You find that sets which seemed long and tiresome when done on your own can be finished double quick. You find yourself continually giving yourself new goals and keeping a moving target as you go further and further down the road to a fit and healthy you.

An Instructor Who Can Help You Achieve Your Best

Instructors come in all shapes and sizes.. You can get a virtual coach when you buy a set of fitness DVDs, and if that’s the best you’ve ever had it’ll feel real cool for a while. The coach looks you in the eye—almost. He goes through his script as if he’s talking straight to you, and gives you the perfect amount of time to follow along with the exercises he’s modeling.

Then you attend a fitness class, and you realize how much you missed in your canned experience. It’s so much more inspiring to do your exercise routines real time, and have an actual real person who could reach across and touch you. No more fears about your form; you can have the confidence of knowing that if you do anything really wrong you’ll get corrected. You might not be perfect, and you know that. There’s only so much attention the instructor can give one single member in the large group you’re in. But you’re passable, and when you start falling too far behind you get an encouraging word or pointed gesture to shore you up.

That’s in a large group. Then there’s a small group fitness instructor, and here you’ve got a new dynamic: a focus on you and your routine that was completely missing in larger classes. There’s enough happening in a small group fitness session that you’ll never get the feeling your instructor is just standing there staring at you, waiting for you to do something wrong, but it’s quiet enough that you’ll get as much focus time as you could want. Everything you need to get to your optimal speed, to attain perfect form.

Partners in Crime Who are There for the Same Reason You Are

Peer support is a crucial part of any life-changing endeavor, but you may not have real life friends who have schedules that mesh with yours, the right geographical location, and dreams similar to your own. Well, no problem: get yourself a buddy group of fitness pals! You don’t have to put an ad out on Craigslist or in the personals; by enrolling in a small group fitness program you get an instant group of fitness friends that can provide accountability and encouragement as you make good on your fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter that the people in your fitness group will all be at different places on their journeys, or that if you have four people in the room they may all be doing four different exercises. What matters is that you’re all working toward the same ultimate goal—a strong, transformed body—and that you’re willing to go through what it takes to get there.

Transform Fitness – Your New BFFs for Fitness

You’ve got goals; we’ve got what you need to help you achieve them. Join Transform Fitness today and break through the barriers that are holding you back from a full, healthy, and energetic life. No matter what your limitations might be, no matter how hectic your schedule, we’re ready to help you achieve the body you dream of. The history of our gym is a history of success stories: let yours be the next.

What You Need to Bring to Your Training Sessions

What do you need to bring to your first small group fitness training session at Transform Fitness Personal Training? Very little. Come in your gym clothes; comfortable, breathable, flexible clothing that won’t hinder your movements or weigh you down. Come with your gym attitude; a willingness to get hot, get uncomfortable, and even get awkward for a greater goal. And come with the expectation that great things are waiting for you: that you’re going to get introduced to a wonderful team of people who will work alongside you and with you as you all take some big steps toward transformed bodies.