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Summer is a hard-working mother of two who was “ready to get her body back!” Her husband bought her some training as a Christmas present and she has put it to great use!  Training 2 days per week at Transform and 2-3 days on her own has allowed Summer to do exactly what she set out to do.  She is down close to 30 pounds of body fat and has lost over 11% of her body fat percentage.  She commented that she has lost weight and body fat in the past, but not in a way that was sustainable.  It was too strict.  She now realizes that she cannot be on a diet and she is truly living a healthy lifestyle.  She prepares her meals at least 3-4 days in advance and never works out less than 4 days per week.  “There’s no going backwards!”


During her consultation, Shellie mentioned that she didn’t know how she had gotten so out of shape.  “I always told myself, I’m not that bad.  I’m OK.”  She said she didn’t realize that she was so far from where she used to be.  She reached her breaking point with how she was looking and feeling and gave us a call.  She told us that she was willing to do whatever it took to get back to where she needed to be.  Weeks into her training, Shellie was changing quickly.  Pants sizes were dropping, muscles were appearing and her confidence was beginning to shine whenever she came in to train. She also mentioned that training sessions gave her an outlet to deal with the stress of being a kindergarten teacher.  In 7 months of training, Shellie was down over 45 pounds of fat and retained every bit of her lean muscle mass.  Amazing work!


Idamis had a goal and a date when she entered Transform Fitness.  She needed to lose weight before returning home to a wedding. She had been away from home for quite a while since she had come to the U.S. for college.  The food choices for her here were different and large compared to what she was accustomed to back at home so she had put on some additional weight and was unsure on what changes she could make lose it. Back at home, friends and family had not seen her since her leaving and she was to return in a role as Bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding.  She was determined to drop the weight and look good in that bridesmaid’s dress!  Idamis worked out with us 2-3 times a week and followed her meal plans, resulting in a 27 lb fat loss, and a drop of 10% in body fat.

transform fitness before after photo Jabe

Jabe started with us after he saw how well his wife, Journey, was doing here.  He wanted to reduce his midsection, gain some muscle, but not over-do it too soon.  We told Jabe that we would progress him steadily and increase the workout intensity over time.  We would implement meal planning and train him 3 days per week here with one day of resistance training at the gym.  5 months later, Jabe is down over 14 % body fat and has lost over 36 pounds of fat!  He’s not quite where he wants to be but is well on his way.

transform fitness before after photo Kyle

Kyle has been training at Transform for just over 2.5 months.  He mentioned that he’s worked out before but he was tired of guessing what to do at the gym.  He wanted to ensure that he was making good use of his time and wanted to get a game plan to see visible changes in his body.  He also “just didn’t feel good at the time.”  He wanted to feel healthy and set a good example for his daughters.  Kyle has dropped 15 pounds of body fat and has lost close to 5 % body fat.  He’s not at his goal yet, but he is definitely on his way.

transform fitness before after photo Lindsay

Lindsay previously had a consultation close to 1 year prior to working with us.  She mentioned that she was truly ready to commit to living a healthier lifestyle.  Whatever we asked her to do, she would do.  She also mentioned that she didn’t want to be unrealistic with her goals and didn’t want to be miserable while losing weight.  We assured her that we teach clients how to enjoy eating healthy and how to have fun while working out and getting to their goals.  In just 4 months, Lindsay has lost over 22 pounds of body fat and has lowered her body fat percentage by 10%!  Her muscles are far more visible and her entire body is much tighter.  She doesn’t want to get complacent so we are setting new goals, and thinking of the possibility of gaining some lean muscle by modifying her program.


Journey’s focus was to lose weight yet has discovered many originally undeclared goals since starting with Transform Fitness. Starting with us at 299 lbs, she was worried that by hiring a trainer, she was going to have to run, jump and puke to get to her goals.  That didn’t sound fun or exciting to her but she had come to the decision that she needed help in making the changes necessary to be leaner and healthy again.  She was relieved to find that you can reach a high level of intensity without having to run, jump or puke!  Working out 3 days a week and following the meal guidance provided by TF, the fat started coming off.  Freedoms came with her weight loss.  She has shared the excitement of being able to put on her own socks and not requiring a seat belt extensor on her airplane flights and the ability to drop her flight tray down and still have room between the tray and her stomach. When she’s out of town, she holds herself accountable by texting her meals to her trainer throughout the day or is sure to ask for guidance in ordering when eating out.  Journey has enjoyed TF so much she convinced her husband that he HAD to do this with her.  She has done such an amazing job and has worked so hard to lose 50 lbs in the last 6 months and is still working towards her ultimate goal! Focused and consistent!

transform fitness before after photo Liz

Liz came to Transform Fitness, telling us this was her final attempt at trying to lose weight.  At 50 years of age she feared that her body wasn’t going to change.  In her consult, Liz weighed in at 214.5 lbs and 42% body fat.  Her first goal was to get her body fat percentage to a healthier range so that’s where we set our focus.  By following her meal plans and being consistent with her scheduled training sessions, Liz lost 9.2 lbs and 3.2% body fat after her first 3 weeks!  After just 16 weeks of working her TF program Liz had lost 38.3 lbs and dropped to an amazing 29.6% body fat!  She was out of the unhealthy range!  After having reached her first goal, she knew that she wanted to continue on reducing her body fat.  She has continued to reshape her mind and body.  Today Liz is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living life at 20% body fat with a total fat loss of 57.8 lbs!

transform fitness before after photo of Analise

Analise had worked out in the past and had lost weight on her own by eating less and doing cardio.  She found that this wasn’t sustainable and eventually gained her weight back.  Training at Transform Fitness allowed her to maintain her lean muscle mass, while losing bodyfat by introducing her to resistance training.  She found the meal plans surprisingly easy to follow and really enjoyable.  In just 5 months of training, she lost close to 25 pounds of bodyfat, dropped over 10% body fat, and maintained all of her lean muscle.  “I’ve lost weight before, but I’ve never had my butt look this good!”

transform fitness before after photo of Dan

Daniel has amazed us and many others with his story.  He received his initial training package as a gift from his sister.  She told me that he would do really well, but she needed to arrange the start-up.  When we discussed his goals, he told me that he wanted to look as good as possible for his wedding.  He wanted to feel better.  With a lot of hard work, consistency, and tremendous dedication, Dan was able to lose over 85 pounds of body fat!  His body fat percentage was cut in half.  My wife and I were able to attend his wedding and see him beaming in his white tuxedo.  He has inspired many others to change their lifestyle and still continues to work toward his ultimate goal.

transform fitness before after photo Rose

Rose had worked out in the past in an effort to lose weight, but she felt lost on her own and her results were very limited.  She wanted to know what to do and wanted to her results to match her hard work in the gym.  She told a few friends about possibly training at Transform and they were pretty skeptical.  “Why are you going to pay for a trainer, when you can just do it on your own?” She told them that she had already tried on her own many times and she was ultimately unsuccessful.  We told her that sadly people will support you spending money on material items, but when it comes to investing in your health and fitness, many will not.  Rose managed to fit training into her busy schedule and did an outstanding job.  She dropped over 26 pounds of fat in approximately 5 months.  She wished it happened faster, but understood that lasting results don’t always happen quickly.

transform fitness before after photo Meghan

Meghan had been thinking about training for quite some time when her husband reached out and bought her some training sessions.  This hard working mother of two children, said she was ready for a change and just wanted to look and feel better.  5 months in, she was down over 30 pounds of bodyfat and actually added a pound of lean muscle mass.   She can attest that the primary reason she was able to lose was sticking to her meal planning and preparation.  When the current plans become less inviting, she lets us know that she’s ready for us to provide her with some fresh options.  This was crucial in her journey to stay focused and allowed her to continue to make healthy decisions with her nutrition.  Although has done really well, we continue to focus on setting new goals to avoid complacency.  She has more to achieve and we will continue to push her and encourage her to do just that.

transform fitness before after photo of April

April reached out after hearing from a friend that we were the right people to help her get to where she wanted to be.  During our consultation, we discussed how some friends thought she was crazy for thinking that she needed personal training.  She definitely did not appear “out of shape”.  “You have a nice figure…What are you worried about?”  She wanted more.  She mentioned, “I want to be leaner, and see my muscles…I don’t want to just be good enough.”  April wanted to get into the best shape of her life and that’s exactly what she was able to accomplish.  The visible changes in her body were undeniable.  Her legs and butt were tighter, along with her midsection.  Other clients would stop during their workout to check out the definition in her arms.  Her progress was impressive.  In about 5 months, she was down 18 pounds of bodyfat and her lean muscle was up close to 4 pounds.

transform fitness before after photo Selena

We met Selena after one of her husband, Trevor’s, training sessions. She was impressed with how he had done and thanked us for our help.  She wanted to be a part of the Transform Fitness Family as well.  She always shows up with a positive attitude and is ready work hard.  Her goal was to get back to her pre-baby weight and possibly further.  Her hard work has definitely paid off.   Selena is down close to 30 pounds of body fat in just under 6 months!  She has more muscle, more energy, and loves the new meal planning options whenever she needs new ideas.  She’s proof that after having 5 children, you can get still your body back to where you want it to be.

transform fitness before after photo Trevor

Trevor came in for a consultation just over 8 months ago.  He didn’t feel good!  He wasn’t able to play with his children the way he wanted to due to his low energy and his excessive weight.  He mentioned that he also wanted to set a better example for his kids to eat healthier and to stay more active.  “Sure, I can try to this on my own, but will I?  No!”  Trevor knew that he needed a road map and accountability to dramatically reduce his weight and to change his lifestyle.  It definitely hasn’t been easy, but Trevor has lost over 65 pounds of body fat, while actually gaining a few pounds of lean muscle.  He can visibly see the major changes in his body and he is determined to see more!

transform fitness before after photo Erica

Erica truly wanted a better body.  She wanted to feel more confident and healthier.  She wanted a tighter midsection, toned arms, and thighs.  “I need a butt too!”  She knew she wanted all of these things but didn’t have a clue on how to go about attaining any of them.  She read our reviews on Google and Yelp and decided to set up a free consultation.  She liked the idea of training in a group setting and she mentioned that the upbeat music was a nice touch as well.  Erica knew that she didn’t have to keep up with the more seasoned members of the group because the training was still individualized.  She was excited to train each and every session, especially once the results were increasingly more visible.  In 5 months, Erica is down over 30 pounds of body fat.  Her confidence has sky rocketed as well as her knowledge of proper nutrition and training her body.  She now enjoys lifting weights and knows that she won’t get bulky from it.

transform fitness before after photo Jeremy

When Jeremy reached out to us for a consultation, he discussed how he had always been athletic and in excellent shape in the past.  Being a former collegiate football player and wrestler, he was no stranger to hard work.  However, he did feel like his job had taken over and his health just wasn’t a priority like it used to be.  He had a less than stellar doctor’s exam and was told that if he didn’t make a change in his lifestyle, he might not be around for a terribly long time.  Enough was enough.  Once Jeremy signed up at Transform and our individualized game plan for him was implemented, he flourished!   In the first year of training, Jeremy dropped over 85 pounds of bodyfat and eventually had to get himself a completely new wardrobe.  His co-workers literally wanted to take him to buy new clothes because they “were falling off of him.”  Jeremy and Desiree have also been working on his mobility, trying to further release his tight muscles if an effort to increase his performance and body control.  Jeremy has also inspired his father to come in to train and to improve his health and fitness, as well as his mobility.